Milling machines:
Open all drains at tank, fill valves, water pump and on water manifold.
Remove water filter and housing. Store in rear toolbox
Disconnect and blow out main hoses to front and rear spraybar.
Hook up air hose to main manifold and blow out all lines to conveyor spray and washdown hose reel.

Also to play it safe check water separator filter on engine to make sure there is no water in it. If so drain. Some of the mills have a manual shutoff for fuel tank. If it has one shut it off and tag the mill so anyone that gets on it knows it is shut off. There was one case where the water separator bowl froze and cracked and emptied a full tank of fuel on the ground slowly where it was not noticed for a while.

Asphalt Rollers:
Adjust the 3 way valve on front/rear of machine and connect a hose to the antifreeze agent. Once connected turn the machine on and run the spray system until the liquid is pouring out of the nozzles.

SAKAI Winterization Tips:

  • Store roller inside if possible.
  • Disconnect and cover the battery.
  • Open all water system petcocks to completely drain the spray bars and tanks.
  • Place F-N-R lever in Neutral and engage parking brake.
  • Chock the machine with
  • Remove and store the starter switch key

If temperatures are expected to go below 32 degrees:

  • Fill engine coolant with a mix of 50% anti-freeze and 50%
  • DEF tank should only be filled to the half full line. DEF will freeze at lower temperatures.
  • Use the water tank selector valve to run RV antifreeze into the spray bars
  • For the R2H-4, drain ballast water from wheels.