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BA7000 Asphalt Recycler


BA7000 Asphalt Recycler

Recycles up to 7 tons per hour. Plenty powerful.

Yet still easily transportable –in fact, towable behind today’s standard half-ton pickups. Also available with self-propulsion for easier maneuverability on-site.

The Bagela BA7000 Portable Asphalt Recycler recycles either broken chunk or milled asphalt at a rate of seven tons per hour. Additionally, the BA7000 is a diesel-powered, trailer mounted, continuous operating asphalt recycler, that is designed to recycle asphalt using convection type heating. As a result, by design, the flame from the burner does not come in direct contact with the material inside the mixing drum. Also, the BA7000 remains easy to use because material is loaded into front of the recycler via a hydraulically operated hopper and discharged through rear of mixing drum at rear of recycler.

Finally, the BA7000 produces sufficient cost savings vs the traditional hot/cold mixed used during the offseason. In fact, based on our industry analysis, the BA7000 helps produce over $50,000 in savings every year. For any municipality or construction company, that amount of savings is sure to help the bottom line!

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