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Zone 20 HV Site Lasers


Zone 20 HV Site Lasers

The multipurpose laser Zone20 HV laser offers the Zone20 H basic specifications, plus the capability of vertical leveling and aligning. It includes a long-range remote to adjust and align easily on any job site. To support the toughest working conditions, the rotating head is fully enclosed and the laser complies with IP67 class.


Multipurpose laser for indoor and outdoor applications

The Zone20 HV is a real multipurpose laser as can be easily used in interior or exterior applications. It cannot only be used for concrete and form work, but also leveling, aligning, plumbing or squaring. It is the ideal partner for contractors who need the horizontal, as well as the vertical functions in a laser. The laser is an ideal partner for professionals for ceilings, layout and drywall applications in indoor settings.

Set exact 90° angles

Contractors need to measure and mark out the position for walls. The placement of form work is critical to ensure 90° angles and exact lines. In the past two people at a time were required to conduct this task. The Zone20 HV solves this issue by having the plumb down beam function to easily set up over a point.

Control the laser remotely

For contractors who need to level the base to achieve a consistent slope from the street to the house, the Zone20 HV takes care of the contractor’s main job. It is very easy to set the manual grade remotely with the ZRC20 remote. Changing and adjusting the settings can be done by one person without touching the laser.


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