Investing in used construction equipment is a cost-effective approach to taking on and completing jobs without breaking the bank. However, before you begin the search for the used heavy construction equipment you need, keep a few things in mind. Whether you work in construction, agriculture, landscaping, or roadwork, the key to long-lasting used equipment is knowing what to look for when you’re ready to buy.

Why Buy Used Construction Equipment?

Working in construction requires powerful equipment and long hours, so finding the right used construction equipment is important. Some of the benefits of investing in used equipment for construction jobs include warranties, reduced overhead cost, and little concerns over additional depreciation that you may experience with purchasing brand new equipment.

Hours and Age

When in the market for used construction equipment, inquiring about the age of each machine you are interested in and the total hours that the equipment has been used is imperative. Using the age and estimated hours of use is a significant factor in determining if the equipment is valued at a fair price and if it is in the condition it should be for its age.

Market Comparisons

One of the best ways to determine if you are receiving a fair quote and price for the used construction equipment you are interested in is to conduct adequate market research. Request general estimates from various equipment providers and websites that are local to you to better understand the current going price for the used equipment you need.

Request the History

If you are shopping around for used construction equipment, there is no guarantee that the seller will be honest and forthcoming with you, especially when it comes to the operating hours, service history, and overall age of a particular machine you are eyeing. Request a full history report on any used construction equipment you are considering.

If the dealer does not have a complete history of the used equipment you want to buy or refuses to provide a printout of service history details, it may be best to move on. Any dealer that will not provide a thorough history of the equipment they are selling may not be selling the parts and machines they own legitimately, or they may be doing so under false pretenses.

Research Brands

Before choosing a piece of used heavy construction equipment for your next job, be sure to research top-notch brands in your industry like CASE, Takeuchi, and Liebherr. Knowing which brands are the most trusted and reliable can help you save time once you compare new and used equipment for your construction project needs.

Demo the Equipment

If possible, request to demo the machine you are thinking of purchasing before finalizing a deal. Testing the performance of any piece of equipment before settling on a purchase price is highly advisable. During the demo, it is also recommended that you check fluid levels to make sure that the used equipment been properly maintained.

Additional Costs and Fees

You may need to have your used construction equipment inspected, which should be accounted for while you are planning your purchase, as there maybe fees associated with this.

In the Market for Used Heavy Construction Equipment?

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