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Government & Municipalities Equipment

Aside from serving individual customers and small businesses, GT Mid Atlantic proudly supports various large groups and organizations with the government equipment rentals they need. We help everyone from government agencies and demolition crews to road-building teams and many other groups. We’re proud our equipment is integral to building up our communities.

Covering Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and the Philadelphia area, we stock a variety of government heavy equipment and attachments from top-of-the-line brands and providers like CASE Construction, Roadtec, Rubblemaster, Takeuchi, Epiroc, Etnyre, and Terramac.

Wondering if we have the equipment you’re looking for? Here is a comprehensive guide to some of the government heavy equipment GT Mid Atlantic can provide for your next project.


Heavy construction equipment can be used for many purposes in large-scale projects. Determining the type of machinery you need hinges on the size of the project and your budget. Ultimately, these tools will streamline the construction process tenfold. GT Mid Atlantic offers a variety of construction equipment available for purchase or rent, including:

• Skid Steer Loaders
• Compact Track Loaders & Skid Steer Attachments
• Wheel Loaders
• Backhoe Loaders
• Crawler Carriers, Dozers, & Loaders
• Articulated Trucks
• Excavators
• Hydraulic Breakers
• Demolition Attachments

Shop our equipment today to get the best results for your project.

Road Building

Road-building projects are highly advanced engineering marvels which require careful planning. The road construction process often consists of technical maneuvers such as deep excavations, rock blasting, and other complex logistical challenges requiring the best in road building equipment. Luckily, we’re able to help with this as well, with these government equipment rentals:

• Asphalt Rollers
• Dirt Rollers—Single Drum
• Milling Machines
• Miscellaneous Equipment

Keep reading to learn more about how we can make road building easy for your team.


Trenching can be used in many settings, from irrigation systems to laying pipe or electrical cables. The shovels and trowels of yesterday have now been replaced by trenchers, which range in size depending on the project. GT Mid Atlantic offers a variety of construction equipment to aid your next trenching project:

• Trench Boxes
• Manhole & Bedding Boxes
• Road Plate


The word “aggregate” refers to crushed manufactured materials that form blends of various sizes and shapes, used to give the finished product volume, resistance to erosion, and stability. Materials commonly found in aggregate blends include sand, gravel, crushed stone, and boiler ashes, each serving its own purpose. Your standard aggregate equipment performs blending work and size reduction and classification. It can also handle transportation. Our tools include:

• Aggregate Equipment Crushers
• Scalping Screens
• Track Stackers

Whether you need concrete crushing, road basing, or soil conditioning, we have the necessary tools.

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You can always depend on our team of skilled technicians and personnel to have the heavy equipment you need that’s well maintained and available at reasonable prices. Additionally, we collaborate with top brands to only offer the best in the industry to our clients.

GT Mid Atlantic is proud to be awarded a Sourcewell Contract, which offers ceiling-based pricing and volume discounts to government and non-profit agencies for their procurement needs.

From trench boxes to asphalt rollers, or compact track loaders, GT Mid Atlantic will be your #1 source for everything construction. Visit us online and see our available equipment today.

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