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Heavy Equipment Rentals from GT Mid Atlantic

When you use construction equipment rentals from GT Mid Atlantic, each machine and attachment has to be durable, intuitive to operate and easy to maintain. Success in equipment rental is more than having the latest and greatest products. Your success is dependent on our ability to identify the right rental solutions for your market.

Our promise is to be your partner, to identify the machines and solutions that give you the greatest utilization and profitability, and to help navigate through the ever-growing and changing construction equipment rental market. Our competitive rates make renting affordable with a diverse mix of products for rent to meet all your heavy equipment needs.

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Guide to Heavy Equipment Rentals

Industries such as construction, landscaping, agriculture, road building, waste management, and many more rely on the productivity of heavy equipment and machines to make development feasible. The increased benefits of renting construction equipment make it a practical alternative when choosing a temporary solution.

Not sure whether to rent or buy? We put together a guide to renting heavy equipment to make the best decision for your situation.
When deciding whether to rent a piece of equipment, use three steps to compare your options:

1.Set a budget

Weigh the expenses of renting vs. purchasing when looking at your budget. Examine your internal budget if you want to utilize heavy equipment for several projects. If you need specialized equipment for a few jobs, consider how renting construction equipment may fit into your budget.

2.Weigh ownership versus rental costs:

Calculate the total cost of ownership against renting to determine the appropriate choice. Include the cost of one-time capital expenditures, such as purchasing the equipment, along with operational expenses such as insurance, maintenance, and fuel.

3.Compare equipment:

Now that you’ve considered budget and ownership, you’re ready to compare your options based on the specific equipment needed. Take the time to review and compare information about different types of construction equipment like compactors, graders, excavators, tractors, and more.

Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Heavy Equipment

It is not easy to know when renting is right for you. Consider these common mistakes that could leave you stuck with equipment you do not want or cannot afford.

• Overestimating your needs: Rent what you need — not just what you think you need. If you start with a larger piece of equipment than needed, you might end up paying for unnecessary extra time and fuel.

• Not preparing for downtime: You might have a construction project with a tight deadline. Prepare for the worst with extra time for breakdowns, repairs, and maintenance.

• Failure to understand your responsibilities: Understand when your rental period begins and ends and your responsibilities during that time. When finished with the equipment, make sure it is clean and in good shape to return it properly.

• Overlooking safety: Don’t forget to double-check if the equipment you are using is safe to operate under the conditions of your specific project.

Get the Ball Rolling With construction equipment rentals

Construction equipment rentals are an increasingly popular way to get the heavy lifting done. Instead of purchasing an expensive piece of equipment for one minor job, you can rent the best construction equipment for your needs, saving you time and money in the process.

GT Mid Atlantic is the Mid Atlantic Region’s premier multi-OEM heavy new and used construction equipment solutions provider. Whatever your construction needs are, we have you covered!