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Construction equipment isn’t one size fits all. Every business and industry has differing needs. GT Mid Atlantic is a local leader in equipment sales, rentals and service. We have a wide equipment selection to serve construction and similar industries. Choose from equipment types like skid steers, excavators, backhoes, pavers, crushers and shredders.

Our expert team loves developing relationships with satisfied customers. Discuss what we can do for your business by reaching out online.

Industries We Serve

We provide heavy equipment for various industries. Purchase equipment for your operation with new and used equipment sales. Add attachments to expand your machine capabilities. Our services also cover the construction equipment rental industry, giving you budget-friendly, short-term access. Here’s an overview of the industries we serve:

Beyond these industries, we supply equipment for other operations. Landscapers and rental house owners often buy or rent equipment for property maintenance. Those outside government or construction industries may also use the equipment for demolition or material handling tasks.


Construction Industry
Government & Municipalities Industry
Forestry & Logging Industry
Golf Course Industry


Industry Expertise From GT Mid Atlantic

Our sales representatives offer practical expertise and experience across many heavy construction equipment industries. Their depth of knowledge means they know the ideal equipment for your application. When you come to our team, you also get people who care about giving you an excellent experience. Additional benefits we offer include:

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