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Fluid Analysis

Fluid Analysis Services

GT Mid Atlantic has professional kits and a certified fluid analysis laboratory for your equipment. Our services allow you to monitor the health of all your machinery. We can spot potential problems long before they lead to breakdowns.

Check the Condition of Your Machinery

Your heavy machinery may need maintenance or repairs without you knowing it. Fluid analysis can check internal fluids to determine whether your machinery requires service. Use GT Mid Atlantic’s fluid analysis kits to monitor equipment health. You can also analyze fluids to demonstrate proper maintenance and increase your equipment’s resale value.

What Is Fluid Analysis?

Fluid analysis involves extracting fluids from several parts of your equipment and testing the fluid for contaminants. These tests reveal microscopic pieces that indicate wear inside your machine.

By testing the fluid, you can discover where the pieces came from and learn how long aging components will last before you must replace them. The results of an analysis tell you when to perform repairs, change filters and replace oil.

Our Laboratory Accreditation

We use ISO 17025 A2LA accredited testing facilities. This standard is the highest testing level set by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation for testing laboratories. We uphold high laboratory standards and provide accurate heavy equipment fluid analysis results.

How Often to Sample Fluids

Use manufacturer recommendations to determine how often to sample fluids for various equipment models. When you have critical equipment or harsh operating conditions, you may need to test fluids more regularly than recommended.

Contact Us About Fluid Analysis

Keep your equipment in good shape with regular machine fluid analysis services from GT Mid Atlantic. Reach out online for more information about our services.