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Winter Maintenance for Equipment

Winter Maintenance for Heavy Equipment

Winter is the ideal time to get your equipment back in top shape. You typically experience lighter workflows during this period, giving you time to send machines away for repairs and major service. Winter maintenance tasks add efficiency to your operation by planning equipment downtime for the least busy periods. They also add safety by reducing the chances of a breakdown during in-season operations.

GT Mid Atlantic provides various winter equipment maintenance tasks for businesses in Maryland, Washington, D.C., northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Our certified technicians have the necessary training to optimize off-season maintenance according to your equipment type and business operations.

Winter Maintenance Tasks

Businesses operating primarily during warm weather often benefit from keeping busy during winter. While it might be a slow season, you can prepare your equipment and smooth the transition into your spring and summer workload. Here are a few tasks to include in your winter maintenance checklist:

  • Clean: As equipment sits in storage during low-use times, built-up dirt and grime stick to surfaces and cause damage. Cleaning your machinery’s exterior, cab and interior keeps your equipment in better condition.
  • Inspect: It’s essential to follow manufacturer specifications for inspections. We recommend hiring an expert technician to check all crucial components within your heavy equipment.
  • Repair: You may have pushed back minor maintenance during the busy season or discovered issues during your inspection. Whatever the case, winter is an excellent time to fix any problems or contact an experienced technician.

Beyond completing a maintenance checklist, winter allows you to bring your equipment to a machine shop for an engine rebuild. This major task allows your machine to function longer and more efficiently.

Complete Machine Winter Rebuilds

GT Mid Atlantic offers rebuilds for road maintenance equipment, including pavers and milling machines. Our certified technicians entirely disassemble the machine to the frame and reassemble it. OEM remanufactured components are installed if engines, drivetrains or hydraulic systems require replacement. Hydraulic components and hoses are also replaced.

On Pavers and Milling Machines

Warmer months are the primary times when paving or milling tasks take place. During the winter, GT Mid Atlantic can disassemble and rebuild your machine to offer better operation during your next busy period. Here’s a brief overview of the benefits provided by our machine rebuild service:

  • Avoid downtime during the road maintenance season
  • Any brand, any model
  • Completed by certified technicians
  • Rebuilt to OEM specifications

The Rebuild Process

Every machine has slightly different specifications and follows a varying rebuild process, but here is a general overview of the steps involved:

  1. Disassemble all machine components
  2. Complete structural repairs
  3. Clean the necessary components
  4. Paint
  5. Complete further repairs

Our technicians follow the specifications set by the manufacturer and work carefully to ensure the rebuilt machine looks and functions at its best.


Some rebuilds only include a specific machine component. Here are the parts involved in an engine rebuild:

  1. Disassemble the engine
  2. Replace all bearings
  3. Replace brake discs
  4. Assemble the engines
  5. Complete functional tests

Electrical Panel and Remote Control

When working with electrical components, we follow this general rebuild procedure:

  1. Check all contacts and replace defective ones
  2. Verify and retighten remaining components and wiring
  3. Check and replace defective electrical wiring
  4. Reassemble all components
  5. Power and test the functionality of the machine

Reach Out for Off-Season Services

Prepare early for your next busy season with assistance from GT Mid Atlantic. We provide various off-season services, from inspections to complete engine rebuilds. Schedule with us by filling out our contact form online.