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Machine Technology

As a CASE Diamond Dealer, GT Mid Atlantic offers a full range of CASE Construction services and solutions for purchase or rental. We provide SiteControl and SiteWatch technologies that enhance your work processes.

CASE Construction Technology Solutions

Our CASE Construction tools come with innovative technologies, allowing you to accomplish work faster, track machine maintenance and grow your business. Here’s an overview of the technologies.


This machine control technology enhances precision on your job site. With integrated SiteControl solutions, your machine operators can do the job once, saving time and money. You can find this technology in excavators, motor graders, wheel loaders, dozers, compaction systems and box blade systems. The solution gives you hardware and software that assists with measuring and positioning in road or general construction.

Choose from varying levels of systems depending on the technology you need for your operation. CASE Construction offers everything from entry-level to advanced technology. The solutions support beginner to expert operators in fields ranging from basic grading to infrastructure projects.


Run your business wherever you are with SiteWatch technology solutions. This remote monitoring technology gives you easy-to-understand data about your machines. You can track critical information across equipment fleets of any size. The data includes:

  • Maintenance intervals
  • Idle-time analytics
  • Real-time performance
  • Security alerts
  • Weekly updates

You can choose from two subscription levels. The basic plan tracks core information like location and scheduled maintenance. The advanced plan includes information like engine data, fuel use and machine temperatures.

Talk to Us About Machine and Tool Technology

GT Mid Atlantic offers a range of machine control solutions and monitoring systems. Beyond offering technology, we provide an expert team that can assist you in buying or renting technology-enabled equipment. We’ll also provide exceptional ongoing service so that you can get the most benefit from Case Construction technology.

Learn more about equipment technology by contacting our team online.