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CASE SiteControl

CASE has partnered with Leica Geosystems for machine control solutions. Leica Geosystems is a leader in machine control technology and developer of iCON, a portfolio of products and software tailor-made for construction applications.

Machine control technology consists of a set of tools and sensors that monitors equipment to provide diagnostics and data as well as assist with operation. It has become much more readily available and affordable in the past decade. This is good news for many industries. Machine control technology can help improve the overall efficiency of a project in a number of ways, such as increasing the accuracy of work, guiding digging, and providing fuel consumption data. CASE offers three different levels of MCT systems:

1D – This entry-level system is ideal for digging foundations, minor utility work, and grading. These systems are easy-to-use and can be beneficial to both experienced and beginner operators.
2D – These systems work in both the dimensions of plane and slope. They have indicate-only and automatic features and are best for general construction, mid to large-sized developments, and complex excavation projects.
3D – The most advanced system, it provides the highest degree of accuracy. It uses sensors, GNSS masts and receivers, and a base/total station making them ideal for infrastructure projects, industrial sites, and highway projects.

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Experience the ultimate in remote fleet management with CASE SiteWatch. You get real-time performance metrics, idle-time analytics, scheduled maintenance intervals and programmable security alerts sent to any computer, anytime, anywhere .

SiteWatch Telematics hardware and software track up to 40 parameters of equipment to provide actionable information that leads to increased production, improved security, simplified maintenance, and more accurate project estimation. SiteWatch uses cellular communication to send weekly reports and data that can be managed from any computer. There are two levels of subscriptions:

Basic Subscription Plan –Ā Tracks location, idle time, travel time, schedules maintenance, and can create a geofence and curfew for security.
Advance Subscription Plan – Basic Plan features + View engine data, operation trends, track fuel use, and monitor machine health parameters such as temperatures and pressures.
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