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Preseason Inspection Services

Preseason Inspection Services

During your busy season, your fleet provides valuable assistance with your business tasks. Annual inspections for construction equipment ensure your machines offer the same excellent performance each year. These inspections cover all your machinery’s essential parts, ensuring it runs as it should before you begin work.

GT Mid Atlantic provides professional preseason inspections in the mid-Atlantic region. Our technicians have certifications and practical experience in many major equipment brands. They provide thorough and efficient services to check all your machinery.

Why Schedule Preseason Inspections?

As a new construction or road-building season begins, you’re likely ready to pull out your equipment and start work. While a professional inspection takes a little time and planning, it ultimately benefits you by:

  • Saving time: An inspection can catch and address multiple issues in one visit, so you won’t have to stop for repairs several times in a busy season.
  • Reducing costs: By completing little maintenance tasks early, an inspection can address them before they cause more significant machine damage.
  • Increasing safety: With thoroughly inspected equipment, you’ll know your fleet is ready to serve you and have added peace of mind.
  • Protecting equipment: When you care for your equipment, it lasts longer, and preseason checks and preventive maintenance extend machine life spans.

Inspection Includes

GT Mid Atlantic heavy equipment inspections provide thorough assessments to ensure your equipment is ready. Inspections come from certified technicians who understand your equipment and its unique specifications. We can visit your job site in Delaware, New Jersey, northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., or Maryland.

Our services adapt to fit your particular equipment type. We follow manufacturer guidelines to determine the components we inspect, so your inspection might differ depending on the equipment type. Here are a few general tasks included in many inspections:

  • Operational test
  • Check and adjust chains
  • Clean battery/check levels
  • Lubricate attachment coupler
  • Lube chassis
  • Change fuel filters
  • Check fluid levels and adjust
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Change hydraulic filters
  • Change the inline fuel filter
  • Check fan belt tension
  • Clean front and rear axle breathers
  • Repack front wheel bearings
  • Drain water and sediment

The Advantages GT Mid Atlantic Offers

When you choose our team for preventive maintenance inspections, you get the resources of a large company combined with dedicated service and local expertise. We are your one-stop-shop for everything equipment related, from checkups and service to sales and rentals. We also offer benefits like:

  • Professional diagnostic and repair tools on our service trucks and in our shop locations
  • Caring service that uniquely caters to the needs of each customer and their equipment
  • Cost-saving options like remanufactured parts for repairs to benefit your bottom line

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Whether you’re in the middle of your busy season or just finished for the year, it’s time to consider preparing for upcoming busy periods. Preseason inspections get your equipment in good shape, increasing safety and saving time and money.

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