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Shop Services

Shop services allow for the most complex repairs and diagnostics. At GT Mid Atlantic, we stock our repair shops with a wide array of heavy equipment diagnostic tools to address any system component. Once we discover the issue, we work quickly and professionally to resolve it and restore your machine to optimal condition. When you have equipment needing servicing, reach out to our team online.

Our Available Shop Services

We can repair or remanufacture all your essential equipment parts. Before we begin repairs, we provide expert diagnostics to identify what we need to fix. After each service visit, we steam clean your machines for better function and look. When you come to our shops, you’ll leave with equipment that performs at its best.

Diagnostics for Construction equipment

When your machine stops working correctly, bring it to our heavy equipment repair shops. Our facilities have all the diagnostic tools necessary to pinpoint and fix equipment issues. Our factory-trained technicians identify problems right away so you can avoid equipment downtime. These services cover everything from the engine to the hydraulic components in your machine.

Repair or Remanufacture

After diagnosing your issue, we provide heavy equipment repair services to get your machine running again. When repair isn’t possible, we provide remanufacturing to bring components back to OEM standards at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Our remanufacturing services cover almost any part of your equipment. They also come with a warranty similar to what you would get from buying new machinery or components.

Steam Cleaning

When we service your equipment in our shop, we include a complimentary steam cleaning. GT Mid Atlantic has an environmentally sound power washing system that separates dirt and grease, then recycles the water for reuse. After a visit to GT Mid Atlantic’s shop, your machine will function better and leave looking its best!

Schedule a Service Appointment

Our service bays are ready to receive your equipment. We know the value of a working machine, and the technicians at our heavy equipment shops in the mid-Atlantic do what it takes to get yours running. When your equipment breaks down, contact us online to schedule a visit. We’ll discuss our equipment issue and schedule at a time that works for your business and its operations.