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GW754 Vibratory Pneumatic-Tire Roller


GW754 Vibratory Pneumatic-Tire Roller

SAKAI has completely revamped the GW754 vibratory pneumatic tire roller for greater comfort and performance than its predecessor.


Enhanced features include a 180°easy-rotating swivel seat, an increase in speed of 7.5 mph (12 km/h), vibrators with four (4) amplitudes changeable during use, and a Kubota Tier 4 final engine.

Since the first vibratory pneumatic tire roller, the GW750, was developed in 2004, it has remained a product unique to SAKAI. It has been proven to be very effective in compacting hot mix asphalt, such as Superpave and SMA. Because the vibrating tires massage these mixes effectively, it densifies the pavement layer uniformly.


Research has found that quiet compaction required on bridge decks and in residential areas is also possible. And as an added benefit, the compact size weighing 20,440 lbs (9 t) outperforms a static pneumatic tire roller weighing 55,000 lbs (25 t). The compact size and versatility also help contractors cut their operating costs.



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