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Light Towers


Light Towers

LED Light Tower HiLight V5+

  • .185 gal/h Fuel Efficiency
  • 150 hrs Runtime
  • 53,818=9 ft² Light Coverage

The HiLight V5+ offers significant fuels savings of up to 60% when compared to the typical fuel consumption of 6kW Metal Halide solution, creating industry-leading competitive advantage.

Metal Halide HiLight V4

  • 43,055 ft² Light Coverage
  • Manual Vertical Mast

The HiLight V4 light towers offer increased serviceability with wide wing doors and all components easily accessible. Environmental considerations have also been taken into account, with a frame design that prevents oil, fluids and fuel from leaking out and contaminating the ground.

Metal Halide HiLight V4W

  • 90 hrs Run Time
  • 42.3 gal Fuel Tank
  • 6000 hrs Life Expentancy

The HiLight V4W was tested to perform at high altitudes and in extreme conditions,thanks to its 8KW engine. In addition, the extended fuel tank and the low consumption, allow longer run times between refueling. The HardHat® canopy ensures maximum protection of internal parts.



Electric Light Towers

Atlas Copco’s range of E-LED electric light towers will operate reliably throughout the most demanding conditions found at construction sites, outdoor events and temporarily public installations. Plug and Light technology plugs into any power source – including auxiliary power, electric generator or directly from the grid – to provide hours of consistent, bright light throughout the light tower’s extended lifespan.


HiLight E3

  • 32,300 ft² Light Coverage
  • Zero CO2 Emissions
  • >50,000 hrs Life Expectancy

The renew HiLight E3+, will operate reliably throughout the most demanding conditions found at construction sites, outdoor events and temporary public lighting installations. Its internal electronics, control panel and connectors are protected from the elements by the company’s innovative HardHat® canopy, while the complete assembly, which includes a heavy-duty 23 ft mast, has a certified wind stability of 62 mph.


HiLight V2 & V3

  • 32,300 ft² Light Coverage
  • 30,000 hrs Life Expectancy

The HiLight V2+ and V3+ come with a robust steel frame with PE bumpers. These bumpers are designed to the same standards as the HardHat® Canopy


HiLight P2

  • 31 mph Wind Stability
  • 360 degrees Unique Floodlight
  • 21,520 ft² Light Coverage

The HiLight P2+ is the perfect solution for any event — anywhere in the word! Supplied with a special lighting optic, covered by an integrated polyethylene housing with built-in cooling, you can be assured of no burn out and a longer lifetime. In addition, great performance comes from the unique floodlight that spreads light 360 degrees, giving users a larger illuminated area compared to traditional balloon style towers.


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