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Quad Track LineBacker Brush Cutter


Quad Track LineBacker Brush Cutter


Land Clearing Power, Aggressive Design & Improved Mobility

The new QT LineBacker brush cutter features a four quad track undercarriage, an industry exclusive feature! The new quad track configuration provides users with unparalleled mobility in the most challenging terrains. No more choosing between the low ground pressure and traction of a track machine and the road-ability and flexibility of tires. The new quad track brush cutter offers the best capabilities of a track and tire in one machine!



Cutter Head Options
With the ability to lift the cutter head over 11 feet high, the LineBacker clears brush and small trees more effectively than standard brush cutters or other similar machines. The LineBacker can also be outfitted with the most up-to-date cutter head options to fit your specific application.

Service Panels
Several features help make the LineBacker easy to maintain and service in the field or at the shop. Convenient service panels help make routine maintenance simple, by providing quick and easy access to the engine and hydraulic components, ultimately minimizing downtime.

Hazard and floodlights mounted in the front and rear of the LineBacker help expand the operator’s field of vision.

20,000 lb Winch

Convenient 20,000-lb. pull winch comes standard on each LineBacker model.

Quad Track Design

Modular design allows a conventional wheel machine to be outfitted with quad tracks and back to wheels as necessary. Four individual tracks on an articulating chassis transmit power to the ground at once, regardless of travel direction. During tight maneuvers, the Quad Track does not skid the tracks like a two track system, reducing track wear and costly production time cleaning up deep ruts.

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