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SPD-6 Road Widener


SPD-6 Road Widener

Compact design for spreading both the right hand side and left hand side of the working lane

Engine: Model 4024HF295 John Deere Diesel – 66 HP@ 2800 RPM,
Powerview digital type display mounted with keys switch start and stop Hydraulic drives Front Steering /Drive Axle,
Two speed Hydrostatic Transmission
Hydraulic/Air brakes, Spring actuated Emergency/Parking Brake

Travel Speed: 0 – 8 mph (18 km/hr.)
Working Speed: 0 – 150 ft/min.(46 m/min.)

Receiving Hopper: 2.75 cubic yards (2.1 cu. m).
9 ft.6 in. minimum (2.89 m) width,
Full width, 3/4″ thick (1.905 cm) Reinforced Rubber Bib

Conveyor: Two variable drive -high torque hydraulic motor mounted on both RH and LH conveyor drive roller shafts
18 in. (46 cm) wide, Heat and oil resistant Conveyor Belt. Drive Chains bolted to Conveyor Belt
Variable Speed Hydraulic Drive to 300 tph

Strike off Blades:

  • 1 to 6 ft. (1.82 m) max. spread width, 18 in. (0.46 m ) tall
  • 1 ft. (30 cm) modular Blade sections (Optional Hydraulic Section 2 to 3 ft.)
  • Hydraulic Grade Control – 6 in. (15.25 cm) above and below Grade
  • Hydraulic Slope control +/-16%

Push Rollers: Oscillating, Self cleaning and Hydraulically Extendable to 14 in. (35 cm.)

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