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Hydraulic Breakers


Hydraulic Breakers

Our excavator hydraulic hammers are available from ~ 50 kg to more than 10,000 kg of operating weight for any kind of carrier. Over sixty years of development of the breaker hammers has produced advances at different levels, such as self-lubricating systems, sound & vibration damped systems, automatic rock hardness adjusting systems, energy recovery, solid body concept and much more.

SB 52 | SB 102 | SB 152 | SB 202 | SB 302 | SB 452 | SB552 | SB 702 | SB 110

Solid Body Breakers are perfect for demolishing light concrete structures and asphalt pavements, both outdoors and indoors, performing earthworks, scaling in underground operations, and cleaning ladles and converters in foundries.

MB 750 | MB 1000 | MB 1200 | MB 1500 MB 1650

The Medium Breakers are ideal for concrete and asphalt demolition work, secondary rock breaking and primary rock excavation on construction sites.

HB 2000 | HB 2500 | HB 3100 | HB 3600 | HB 4100 | HB 4700 | HB 5800 | HB 7000 | HB 10000

Our Heavy Breakers are highly adapted for primary blast-free rock excavation and secondary rock breaking on construction sites and in quarries, surface and underground mines as well as primary demolition of massive reinforced concrete structures.


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