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Multi Grapples


Multi Grapples

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Demolition and sorting grabs are universal tools for demolition, sorting and loading all kind of materials. Our Multi Grapples by Epiroc are ideal for loading and sorting various materials as well as demolishing wooden and masonry structures.


The name Multi Grapple is quite a good description for them. The basic structure is quite simple and similar for all brands: a rigid main body with two moving jaws mounted on both ends of the frame. The jaws are powered by one or two hydraulic cylinders and they are connected together with a steel bar so that they move simultaneously. For heavy applications these hydraulic grapples are always equipped with a powerful hydraulic rotator but for light loading and sorting jobs a tilt rotator can replace it.


Accessories for our rotating grapples

To make our hydraulic grapple attachments even more versatile it can be equipped with various accessories for different jobs. Some of the most typical are steel plates to make it a clam shell bucket and teeth for rock handling.

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