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Low Speed Shredders

The most versatile mobile waste shredder with excellent capacity and productivity. NEW TANA Shark industrial waste shredders have multiple improvements and new features. You will gain more profit with better fuel efficiency, lower machine operating costs and improved usability and serviceability. Robust machines have been built to last and maximize uptime.


Model Engine Horsepower Rotor Knives Counter Knives Setup
220D CUMMINS QSX15 580 hp 22 23 Trailer
220DT CUMMINS QSX15 580 hp 22 23 Track
440E CUMMINS QSX15 580 hp 33 23 Stationary
440D CUMMINS QSX15 580 hp 33 23 Trailer
440DT CUMMINS QSX15 580 hp 33 23 Track
440EM VEM, IE3 440 hp 33/44 23 Trailer

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