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SV544 Soil Compactor


SV544 Soil Compactor

Vibratory Single Drum Roller

The innovatively designed SV544 is applicable to medium to large soil compaction jobs.


Manual Traction Control

  • High traction capability ensures compaction in both forward and reverse — even on jobs with soft ground, slopes or rough terrains.
  • Manual traction control allows forward slope and reverse slope operation.


Manual Vehicle Speed Control

  • Selective travel mode (2.5 – 6.2 mph)


Vibration System

  • There are 2 range of vibration, high amplitude and low amplitude.
  • Reaches target density in fewer roller passes.
  • Achieves uniform compaction throughout lift thickness.


Long Lasting Drum Isolator System

  • Sakai’s unique drum mounting system extends the life of the drum isolators.
  • Patented drum vibration isolation system and floating deck keep the operator free from vibration.
  • Durable, high quality components such as hydraulics, drum and center-pin hitch assure longer life and lower maintenance costs.
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