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iCONstruct Field Software

Core central interface to all iCONstruct sensors and devices with unmatched simplicity with no compromises on functionality.


iCON robot 70 – High-end robotic total station with superior technology and iCON on-board.

iCON robot 80 – One-person operation, saving time and increasing productivity when carrying out layout tasks and as-built checks.

iCON CC80 – Rugged, lightweight controller for uncompromising site work.

iCON gps 60 / 70T – Versatile smart antennas for multi-purpose positioning tasks.

iCON gps 80 – GNSS machine receiver Versatile, powerful GNSS receiver for machine control and in-vehicle applications.


Advanced User Interface Customized For Construction Personnel

iCON site is designed to increase your productivity and enable you to adapt to any given scenario on site. If you work with machines on site, use iCON site to check your progress to determine if you are working to the correct depth, profile, grade or surface, without having to wait for an engineer or surveyor to carry out these tasks. iCON site is developed to seamlessly integrate with any of the iCONstruct sensors and with the iCONtrol machine solutions.


Using the same, interchangeable user interface means:


  • You only need to learn its functionality once resulting in less training, increased motivation and significantly reducing your investment
  • The ability to exchange hardware and data between on-machine and off-machine use, projects and site personnel maximizes your flexibility and reduces possible downtime


Exceptional Application Functionality

The exceptional features and unmatched graphical support within the iCON site allow you to carry out specific tasks on site in an easier, straightforward way. Use iCON site for checking dimensions, volumes, positions and the status of key site elements. iCON site allows the user to complete all site related tasks from one measuring device ensuring an effortless process from start to finish.


  • Simply measure, stake-out or check site elements without waiting for an engineer or surveyor to do the work for you
  • Benefit from quick volumes and checks by using iCON site for Site Navigation on your vehicle
  • If using 2D machine control, iCON site allows the operator to mark out the required starting point or boundary of the profile to be used on the excavator or dozer


iCON site for Foremen

Take the guess work out of your project

With the iCON site field solution, you can increase efficiency and quality of work on site The iCONstruct field Supervisor and Foreman kit gives you instant real-time access to project statistics in the field, allowing you to make informed decisions quicker than ever before. Instantly increase site productivity by checking the efficiency of your machines and site personnel with an easy-to-use in-cab display, make checks on whether your project is on time, on budget and on specification. With iCON site software, you can carry out accurate as-built checks, grade checking and volume calculation.


  • Real-time project information and statistics in the field
  • Update site personnel with new design files and work orders
  • Minimize errors and avoid costly rework
  • Increase machine utilization and save fuel costs by doing the job right the first time
  • Calculate the exact volume of excavated dirt or fill materials needed to optimize material savings
  • Conduct simple site measurements and calibrations without waiting for a surveyor to do the work – reducing machine downtime and increasing productivity
  • Navigate to points-of-interest, such as control points or site boundaries


iCON Office

The ultimate construction data preparation software Successful on-site measurement, whether checking, staking or using machine control systems depends upon the preparation and integrity of the design data. The software application used to prepare design data for on-site measurement and machine control systems must maintain this integrity whether design data comes in the form of a paper plan or a complete 3D digital model. iCON office, a complete data preparation, editing and
reporting software package can fulfill this requirement and much more.


iCON office speaks the language of your design data

The philosophy is to use the shortest possible path from design to field. By working in close cooperation with local and international design software suppliers, an application has been produced that can import and export data formats that have become de facto industry standards as well as many data formats that are used only in specific regions.


iCON office furthermore allows you to:


  • Work with a range of different design models
  • Send your design data to all of your machines and sensors from one package
  • Calculate as-built cost estimates using volume analysis
  • Create easy and quick quality control reportings and more standard reportings with the click of a button
  • Save time and money thanks to an intuitive setup process and an easy-to-use interface


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